Cardano (ADA) is one of the altcoins that demonstrates immense strength even after the crash: now ADA is pleased with a phenomenal monthly close as the coin has managed to break a historic resistance level. Traders and analysts are starting to get euphoric, issuing bullish price targets.

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Cardano close to course explosion?

Dutch professional trader Michaël van de Poppe has signed up for a new Video among other things, Cardano (ADA) and the development possibilities of the coin adopted.

Poppe stresses: The”next generation” blockchain ADA looks strong, especially compared to other crypto assets during the recent market correction. For example, Cardano has managed to consistently set higher lows. The price action brings Poppe to an optimistic Cardano forecast: he sees ADA initially rising into the $3.35 range – and then, according to the analyst, even a price explosion to $5 is possible.


“If we make this breakout above $1.80, one can use the Fibonacci extension to derive the next target zones, which are at $3.35 and $5.00. If we make this breakout upwards, when Bitcoin finds its bottoming here, we can target these two target zones, so upside potential is to be expected, and not everything is bad in the markets.“

Regarding the time window, the crypto strategist thinks it is likely that it will take “a few more weeks” for markets to switch back to bull mode. So now could be the ideal opportunity to accumulate the cryptocurrency before a parabolic rise.

However, other traders are more cautious. @Beastly Orion, for example, warn his more than 60,000 Twitter followers: It is tempting to buy from ADA now. However, he assumes that altcoins have already seen the peak in the current cycle. In other words, he does not expect a new all-time high for ADA in the near future.

Cardano Founder: Cryptocurrencies are the Solution

In the meantime, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has established himself in a Video on why cryptocurrencies like ADA are, in his view, the “antidote” to the “corrupt” traditional financial world. Hoskinson:

“Central banks will disappear. It’s gonna happen. Your traditional old banks will disappear. The nepotistic, corrupt and slow payrolls will disappear.”

According to Hoskinson, the current financial system is fundamentally broken. So it is extremely difficult or expensive for farmers in a developing country to get a loan from a banking institution. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, the programmer describes as the “antidote” to “this corrupt financial network”. Hoskinson:

“Do not let them say that our system is a risky industry. Our System is an industry that is an antidote to corruption and nepotism. Your industry is one of disappointment.”

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