Election Swede Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson was sentenced to 15 years in prison for stealing $ 16 million worth of Bitcoin.

Seniors ripped off and bought luxury apartments in Thailand

With the continued success of cryptocurrencies, scams are also becoming more common. Now, a man has confessed to having robbed 3,575 people of their Bitcoins. He succeeded with a “Bitcoin investment program” -ie: a Ponzi scheme. The man was able to divert 16 million dollars through the scam.

As the investigation has shown, between 2012 and 2019, the 47-year-old lured thousands of innocent people into the trap with the promise of great returns or his “pre-funded Reversed Pension Plan”. Investors were promised a payout of 1,15 kilograms of gold for every $ 100 share.

True to the motto “send me your Bitcoins, I’ll send you even more Bitcoins back”, he managed to rip off the unsuspecting for years. The whole thing was additionally substantiated with falsified balance sheets and the constant indication that capital was safe. The fraudster then used it for his own purposes-until the police were able to arrest him in Thailand in 2019. investigator:

“The investigation into Roger Karlsson’s fraud uncovered a frighteningly callous scheme that went on for more than a decade, in which Karlsson targeted thousands of victims, including financially weak seniors, to callously rob them of their assets, and all to fund an extravagant lifestyle surrounded by luxurious condos and lavish international vacations.”

All real estate and bitcoins of the fraudster were seized. At the sentencing, the judges mildly acknowledged that Karlsson had pleaded guilty to all charges.

Cyber attacks on the rise

According to a recent study by security firm Barracuda, Bitcoin-related cyberattacks have increased by around 200% since the bull run began in the fall of 2020. And as the ransomware tracking tool “Ransomwhere” shows, hackers have been able to use ransomware attacks since the beginning of the year Bitcoin worth currently (time of this article) about 92 million dollars.

That being said, the London Metropolitan Police has just seized almost $ 250 million worth of cryptocurrencies as part of an anti-money laundering operation-record! And not an isolated case: Already at the end of last month, the British police were able to seize cryptocurrencies worth the equivalent of $ 158 million. Only a 39-year-old woman was reportedly arrested. Detectives stress the complexity of the investigation – and that the investigation will continue for months.

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