An international crypto scam has scammed numerous victims for a total of more than $ 22 million – including even blockchain experts.


Ethereum Captured for $ 9.5 million

British police have just blown up an international crypto fraud ring, seizing $ 22.25 million worth of cryptocurrencies in the process. Among the coins was also Ethereum (to buy from eToro or Libertex) worth $ 9.5 million. The police about the incident:

“A sum of 22,25 million dollars (equivalent to just over 16 million pounds) was seized by special officers of the Economic Crime Unit of the Greater Manchester Police after information led to the discovery of USB sticks containing large amounts of Ethereum.“

The victims of the fraud, according to investigators, come from all over the world: from the UK, the United States, Europe, China, Australia and Hong Kong. As the police reported, they had deposited money into a supposed online savings and trading service that uses the Binance smart chain. And:

“Cryptocurrency savings and trading services are becoming increasingly popular, with projects that offer incentives for people to invest significant amounts of money by offering tokens that can then be sold at a profit.“

The allegedly offered services also met with interest among the numerous victims. They deposited large amounts of money – always hoping for big returns. police:

“The scammers who operated the service waited until a significant amount of money had been deposited before shutting down their website and transferring the money to their own accounts.“

After a strong week with gains of more than 22%, Ethereum has pulled back slightly within the last 24 hours. Source:

90% of stolen coins were found

However, for the benefit of the victims, the scammers did not disappear completely without a trace. Officials eventually received word that the masterminds would be temporarily based in Manchester. They tracked them down – and also secured an encrypted USB stick. Included on it: the scammers ‘ Ethereum holdings worth $ 9.5 million. A 23-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman were arrested. allegation: Fraud and money laundering offences. As part of the further investigation, the officers then also came across an “online safe” with another 12,7 million dollars. In total, the police were able to secure 22,25 million dollars and thus about 90% of the stolen coins.

Surprisingly, not only crypto beginners fell for the scam. Also connoisseurs of matter are said to be among the victims. For example, an anonymous Briton who has worked in the industry for years and uses cryptocurrencies complains of losses of several hundred thousand dollars. They will now be reimbursed to him. However, he is still irritated about falling for the scam:

“I am an experienced blockchain expert and have been researching along with friends who are involved in program development to make sure the technology is secure. The hack really surprised us at first.“