After DeFi Coin (DEFC) had already announced that they will be able to deposit with DEFC on the Exchange BitMart from the 18th, they will now be fully listed on BitMart from the 20th of July. DeFi Coin is already listed on Pancakeswap, now follows another important step. From July 20, it will be possible to deposit DEFC, exchange it for Tether (USDT) and also have it paid out on BitMart. With this, the project wants to increase the value of the coin and gain acceptance and popularity in order to implement its own, decentralized visions.


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DeFi Coin (DEFC – – fast forward

After DeFi Coin initially went on sale, it was listed on the Vietnamese Exchange on June 30 A short time later, on July 6, it was possible to exchange the coin via Pancakeswap. As a result, the price of DeFi Coin experienced a real upswing, and its popularity also increased drastically.

With the ability to trade DeFi Coin now on BitMart, another step in the right direction has been taken. If you already own DeFi Coin, you can deposit it on BitMart from July 18th. From July 19, it will be possible to exchange and trade the DeFi Coin for Tether. And from July 20, withdrawals are also possible. However, the team behind the DeFi-Coins protocol is not resting, they are already planning to be listed in the top 10 of the exchanges soon.

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DeFi Coin-A DeFi project with great visions

The DeFi Coins network aims to offer its own decentralized exchange on its platform in the future. On this exchange, 390 DeFi tokens will be available for exchange in the future. As DeFi projects become more popular, more tokens will be added in the future as well. However, they are working diligently on the creation of the platform and the app, which will be the hub for the DeFi ecosystem.

The native token DeFi Coin will play an important role here. There are three main features: static rewards for holding DeFi Coin, automatic liquidity pools and manual coin burn. Currently, DeFi Coin owners are encouraged to hold DeFi Coin for the long term. This is because transactions in your own network are taxed at 10%, with existing DeFi Coin holders receiving 5% of all transaction fees. The remaining 5% is used for liquidity. In addition, tokens are regularly burned to increase the market value – this is an important advantage over large coins such as Bitcoin.

Buy DeFi Coin (DEFC): An early investment might be worth it

DeFi Coin was already able to record a huge increase in value from the pre-sale. After listing on Pancakeswap, the new cryptocurrency became more and more interesting for investors. In addition, it is very well received that the DeFi Coins team is working hard on the development of its own, decentralized exchange. There are already big plans for 2022: After the release of the Exchange and the app, charity events will take place.

So far, the DeFi token has managed to gain popularity. In the coming months, the price of DeFi Coin could virtually explode – anyone who wants to buy DeFi Coin at a relatively low price should now do so. Experts believe that DeFi projects will rapidly increase in value and popularity in the near future. Thus, DeFi Coin could be at the forefront. You can still buy DeFi Coins via Pancakeswap – and trade them completely on the exchange BitMart from July 20.

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