Financial education is probably one of the most important school subjects that is dispensed with.


Reading the tax return, insurance contracts or credit conditions without a certain financial education base is a waste of time.

We are still not talking about the new cryptocurrencies, blockchain or decentralized finance.

However, if neither the schools nor the universities take over to carry financial education into society, how else can people prepare for the new monetary revolution?

We have found a solution:

Which Money Heroesan organization for financial education, the Cryptopia Coin Summit 2019 launched where over 25 crypto experts explain step by step how to invest safely and incredibly profitably in cryptocurrencies.

Be there livehow a new cryptocurrency is created and perhaps how Bitcoin finds its way to the moon.

✔ Earn automatic cash flow from your cryptocurrencies and say “Bye bye”to your job.

✔ Use the incredible power of the new decentralized financial system and manage your finances, without one Bank to have to trust.

✔ Learn the tangible Govern the Crypto-Tradingsto sell your cryptocurrencies week by week or day by day. increase.

✔ Be the first to know the Trends in the financial scene, such as real estate, art, stocks… get on the blockchain.

You think our lives are going digital? – Our lives become crypto!

✔ Benefit from the new Hypes in the crypto field such as NFTs or Altcoins and be 1k steps ahead of other crypto investors.

✔ Protect your coins and money against excessive Taxes and get back what is rightfully yours (For who has worked it hard?)

✔ Become part of the money hero community and exchange with Minded people about cryptocurrencies and finance.

If that sounds exciting to you, then surely you now your Free ticket for the Cryptopia Coin Summit from 06.06. – 13.06.2021 and get all the important information for your start in the world of Bitcoin and Co.

What do you missif you miss the Cryptopia Coin Summit from 06.06. – 13.06 like the crypto hype 2017 (Remember? Bitcoin made 1.904 percent!):

  • Julian Hosp – What is Decentralized Financeand how will it change the traditional financial sphere?
  • Christoph Heuermann – Crypto & flag theory: best options for Tax & amp; banking
  • Karim Chabrak-How can we Currencyfor a better future draw?
  • Thomas Hartmann-Worth it Tradingin Crypto market ever?
  • Thomas Pollad-Cryptocurrencies – The largestInvestment opportunity our lifetimes!
  • Mike Hager-Are NFTsthe next big thing?
  • Jürgen Wechsler-From 1 to 2 with the NGO – How to make your own business with active, relaxed trading Bitcoin numberdouble
  • Ludwig Justus-Wim Marx-Fundamentals of Altcoin Analysis
  • Muti Brim-Passive Bitcoinincrease
  • Holger Malt – „237% profitin four weeks. Are you already on the dark side of money?“
  • Nicolas Weber – TokenizingEverything
  • Jeanette Hirsch – Blockchainand Bitcoin-what do I have to do with it?
  • Kristiaan Hilger – RelaxedCrypto
  • Patrik Spiess use of Crypto elements in the modernAsset allocation
  • Alexander Sachs – Blockchainwhere you you really need
  • Nik Bender-How to create your own Crypto-Token
  • Christoph Neuwirth – The optimal crypto Portfoliofor every investor type
  • Markus Gabor – Speculative psychologyand Market Timing
  • Felix Mago – expert for DeFi, decentralised organisations, Crypto Payments
  • Christian Richter – Relaxed in Crypto– Is that possible?
  • Abdullah Cetinbag – Trackingyour Portfolio and Taxes
  • Philipp Zehntner – CrosschainProjects Opportunities and background
  • Anja Schmidt-Amelung – Bitcoins automated multiply
  • + some surprise guests we don’t reveal yet.

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You can of course go to work during this time, but as John Davison Rockefeller Sr. said (the first billionaire in the world):

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