In the future, the German Stock Index will number 40 instead of 30 listed companies. Deutsche Börse has now announced that the purchase of shares of ten other companies will be possible on the Dax from 20 September. introduces the 10 new members in this illustrious circle and explains what forecast analysts give for the prices of the papers.


Airbus: aircraft manufacturer real heavyweight

In terms of market capitalization, Airbus is the most important newcomer to the Dax. With more than 90 billion euros, the aircraft manufacturer is currently valued and will immediately be among the top 5 companies in the Dax. Only the companies SAP, Linde, Volkswagen and Siemens are currently worth more.

Airbus shares are currently trading at just under 115 euros. Still in 2020, the price had seen lows of below 50 euros and has since recorded a strong rally. Analysts continue to assess the course of prices positively for the coming months and years.

According to figures from FactSet, among 20 analysts, 17 recommend buying Airbus shares. Further analysts advise to keep the paper. None of them are in favor of selling the stock. Price targets for Airbus are estimated between 120 and 160 euros.

Brenntag: price almost triples since 2020

The chemicals retailer Brenntag is also one of the new companies in the Dax. Currently, the market capitalization is around 13.2 billion euros. Brenntag’s price has been on an upward trend for some time. From lows around 30 euros last year, the price has risen to more than 85 euros.

Among 18 analysts, 10 rate the Brenntag share with Kaufen. Another 8 analysts advise to hold the paper. None of the market experts recommends a sale. Brenntag’s share price could continue to rise. Thus, the estimates consider price targets of over 100 euros possible.

HelloFresh: tenfold increase in the course since 2019

The cookbox supplier HelloFresh is one of the few companies that are considered to be profiteers of the Corona crisis. Because while the gastronomy had to close partially due to the number of infections or was only allowed to open to a limited extent, fresh cooking in your own four walls enjoys strong popularity. Of course, it is particularly comfortable when the food is delivered.

Just over two years ago, the stock of HelloFresh was still available for less than 10 euros. At the time of publication, however, the paper is quoted at just under 94 euros, around ten times as high.

Among 16 analysts, 10 give a buy recommendation for the stock of HelloFresh. Overall, the valuation of the security is clearly positive. Nevertheless, there are 2 analysts who rank the stock on Sell. The price targets for the share range up to 110 euros.

Porsche share: Still potential for record high

Porsche stands for luxury and fast sports cars. This combination will also be available to trade in the Dax from 20 September.

The Porsche share, like the previously presented papers, has performed excellently recently. Thus, at the beginning of April 2020, the price was still at a level of 35 euros. In the meantime, almost 88 euros per share are due for the purchase of Porsche shares.

However, the price is far from the all-time high. This was achieved in 2017 at over 150 euros. However, analysts are convinced that the luxury manufacturer can at least come close to this level again. Thus, price targets of 132 euros are considered possible. The analysts also advise everyone to buy or hold the Porsche share.

Puma: 5X course in 10 years

The sporting goods manufacturer Puma now also belongs to the Dax corporations. Over the past ten years, Puma’s share price has increased fivefold from around 20 euros. In terms of market capitalization, Puma is valued at a good 15 billion euros. This means that Puma is rated significantly lower than the major outfitters Adidas and Nike.

The share price of Puma has recorded a steady upward trend since the corona crisis. And analysts think a continuation of the rally is very likely. Among 21 analysts, 15 make a buy recommendation for Puma shares. Further analysts advise to hold the paper. A sale, however, is not advised. The price targets are up to 145 euros.

Qiagen: From 10 to 70 euros?

The biotechnology and diagnostics company Qiagen is probably one of the more unknown new names in the Dax for most investors. About 5 years ago, the stock was still available for less than 10 euros. Meanwhile, however, the paper already costs more than 47 euros. The market capitalization of Qiagen is currently estimated at 11 billion euros.

Among 17 analyst opinions, the overall assessment of Qiagen is positive. About half of them advise to buy. The other analysts say investors should hold the paper. A sale, however, is not recommended by any of the analysts. With regard to price targets, the experts still see significant potential for growth. So the paper could climb to more than 70 euros.

Sartorius: Meteoric rise in price

The name of the pharmaceutical and laboratory supplier Sartorius should also be known to experts. Sartorius is certainly one of the larger new representatives in the Dax in terms of market capitalization. This is estimated at more than 51 billion euros.

Especially in recent weeks, the stock has made a meteoric rise. From around 370 euros in May 2021, Sartorius ‘ share price has more than doubled in just a few months. The Sartorius share thus currently shows one of the strongest trends on the market. The laboratory equipment supplier is also one of the profiteers of the corona crisis. It should be interesting to see how the paper develops if the corona pandemic should flatten more strongly.

Siemens Healthineers: 17 out of 18 analysts say”Buy”

The new Dax representative Siemens Healthineers can also be attributed to the booming healthcare industry. With a market capitalization of around 66 billion euros, the company is one of the most valuable new entrants. The share price has almost doubled since the lows in 2020.

Among 18 analyst opinions, 17 advise to buy or hold the stock. The price target is a maximum of EUR 67 for the Siemens Healthineers share.

Symrise: Price doubles since 2017

The aroma and fragrance manufacturer Symrise is also a new member of the Dax. The stock is currently trading at just under 120 euros and has thus undergone a steep rise. in 2017, the shares were still available for purchase at half price. The market capitalization is more than 16 billion euros.

However, among analysts, the mood is ambiguous. After all, 4 out of 20 analysts say the stock should be sold.

Zalando: Fashion supplier benefits from booming online shopping

The new Dax 40 is completed by the online shop Zalando. The company currently has a stock market value of around 25 billion euros. Since the corona crisis, the stock has gained massively in value and tripled to currently just under 95 euros.

Analysts largely believe that it is still worth buying. Price targets up to 140 euros are mentioned.