Bill Markus, one of the founders of Dogecoin, has revealed that he has finally gotten back into Dogecoin. Previously, he took an eight-year break from digital currencies.

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According to the founder, he had vowed never to buy digital currencies again. But it seems that the success of Dogecoin has weakened his resolve. Markus has broken his own vow and recently bought some Dogecoin again.

Announced was that through his Twitter account. And Markus now wants to use his Twitter account to document his journey. Most often, he posts joking tweets about checking prices several times. He got back into DOGE in the midst of the price crash.

Dogecoin investors are happy about the news, of course. The coin has risen again after its recent crash and is currently trading at 0.265.

Doge at the top

Markus and his friend Palmer had created the coin as a joke in 2013-as a fork of Litecoin. It was intended as a joke aimed at Bitcoin and the then still young crypto market.

So both founders sold their coins again a short time later. And have since withdrawn from the development of the coin. Markus had sold his Dogecoin holdings by his own admission to buy an old Honda.

Dogecoin Chart of, Dogecoin trades at $ 0.26 / Source: DOGEUSD on

Obviously, none of them expected the coin to go where it is now. And for a while, that looked like it. Now Dogecoin has a market capitalization much larger than Honda. At the time, Markus had sold all his dogecoins and other cryptos because he was laid off and was struggling financially.

The amount of Dogecoins would have earned him a fortune in 2021.

DOGE founder gets back on board

The founder has now started to deal with digital currencies again. On Twitter, he explains why he got back into the coin. He claims he now sees the” true value ” of DOGE.

Markus often asks investors on Twitter to be nice to each other. And cordially to non-investors. That people do not want to buy Dogecoin does not mean that the coin will not be successful. He also uses Twitter to promote the coin and shares dog memes that match DOGE.

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Text credit: Bitcoinist

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