Ethereum could rise to $ 18,000 this cycle, according to a popular analyst. He currently describes ETH as a “dream for traders”.


ETH forecasts are becoming more and more confident

Not only Bitcoin, but also Ethereum is currently the focus of numerous investors. Many are wondering whether the second – placed cryptocurrency by market capitalization will succeed in overtaking the top dog Bitcoin-and just as many analysts think that is exactly what is possible. Accordingly, the Ethereum price forecasts are currently optimistic.

Analyst Justin Bennett, for example, is currently predicting ETH’s potential to rise to as much as $ 18,000. According to his assessment, Ethereum is currently forming a bullish pattern within an ascending channel that could bring ETH up to $18k. This suggests a chart that the analyst shares.

An increase to $ 18,000-that would be an increase of 456%, based on the current price of $ 3,236. Bennett adds: Ethereum has been ” a trader’s dream since July.” There has been “no shortage of opportunities” since Ethereum recovered from $ 1,700.

He writes to his more than 62,000 Twitter followers:

“ETH has been every trader’s dream since July. There has been no shortage of opportunities since the $1,700 resurgence.“

In the short term, he now expects ETH to rise to $ 3,600 – a prerequisite: the $ 2,900 range holds as support.

Ex-Goldman Sachs manager also sees ETH in five figures

Bennett’s bullish Ethereum prediction is backed up by a prediction from former Goldman Sachs manager Raoul Pal. He sees Ethereum advancing into similar regions this cycle: for example, the ETH price could rise to $ 20,000 based on the so-called Metcalfe law. Pal comments on this: Ethereum looks like Bitcoin in its early days due to the growing number of active addresses.

Also one from the website conducted survey of 42 crypto experts concludes that Ethereum could very well achieve a performance similar to that of Bitcoin. According to them, experts predict an Ethereum price of $ 17,810 on average for 2025. For 2030, the expected average price is even $ 71,763.

One of these experts: Morpher CEO Martin Fröhler. According to him, Ethereum (to buy from eToro or Libertex) has the potential to become the basis for the “future global financial infrastructure”. Correspondingly optimistic his Ethereum forecast also fails: he already expects an ETH price of at least $ 10,000 by the end of 2021.