Since July 20, DeFi Coin (DEFC)is fully available on the world’s fourth largest exchange BitMart. Previously, the new DeFi token was already available in advance, before being released on various exchanges such as and Pancakeswap was listed on July 6th. Even then, there was a price increase – according to the listing on BitMart, DeFi Coin (DEFC) could now rise in value by over 24.6% – analysts expect that the value will continue to skyrocket until the end of July. With the upcoming launch of their own decentralized exchange DeFiCoinSwap, they are now forecasting a price of up to 2.20 USD.


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DeFi Coin (DEFC) successfully listed on BitMart

DeFi Coin price 21.07

After the successful listing, the value of DeFi Coin increased from $ 0.689 to $ 0.859, giving a 24.6% increase in value. This is already a proud increase within the last 24 hours, experts now assume that DeFi Coin (DEFC) can reach a value of $ 2.20 by the end of July.

This is mainly due to the fact that the listing on BitMart appeals to a larger audience and thus attracts more attention. Accordingly, you can now trade completely on BitMart with DeFi Coin – but the team behind DeFi Coin is already aiming for the next top 10 exchanges to list your coin. It is all the less surprising that the own decentralized exchange, DeFiCoinSwap, will soon start the beta phase.

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DeFi Coin (DEFC – – DEX DeFiCoinSwap soon in Beta phase

While the DeFi Coin team is working hard to increase the acceptance and popularity of DeFi Coin, they are working behind the scenes on their own decentralized exchange. And the work pays off, because DeFiCoinSwap will soon start its beta phase. It is all the more important that DeFi Coin attracts more attention, as it will play a central role in your own exchange.

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DeFi Coin (DEFC) will be the governance token of DeFiCoinSwap, which is located in the Binance Smart Chain network. On the exchange, it will be possible in the future to exchange and trade DeFi tokens with each other and also to purchase NFTs (non-fungible tokens). You can either keep them or exchange them for DeFi Coin (DEFC) or sell them again. This is mainly to draw attention not only to NFTs, but to DeFi projects in general.

DeFi Coin (DEFC) experts predict a price of $ 2,20 in July

Based on the rapid price development of DeFi Coin after the listing on BitMart on July 10, experts already foresee that the token could head for a maximum value of $ 2.20. The current DeFi Coin price is $ 0.859-so this would be an increase in value of a proud 156.11%.

But DeFi Coin could also go beyond the experts ‘ expectations. Already after the listing on Pancakeswap, the DeFi Coin registered a huge price increase. After listing on BitMart, DeFi Coin grew by over 24.6% in just 24 hours. In addition to the greater popularity and the announcement of the beta phase of its own exchange, DeFi Coin could soon turn out to be the DeFi token of the future.

Buy DeFi Coin (DEFC) – should you start now?

If you are not yet in possession of DeFi Coin (DEFC), it would be worth considering to purchase the token now. Anyone who also buys DeFi Coin on BitMart and trades it there, also automatically participates in the competition, which the DeFi Coin team organizes for the celebration.An early investment in the new DeFi token could now be worthwhile, as the listing will definitely meet with greater acceptance and a larger audience.

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