The crypto market can confirm its upward trends so far. After BTC / USD initially recorded a correction to below $ 44,000 on yesterday’s trading day, the Bitcoin price is already on the upswing again. At the time of publication, the leading currency is already back above $ 46,000, and thus again close to this week’s highs.


Looking at the past seven trading days, Bitcoin is up more than 13 percent. However, these numbers are easily topped by some altcoins. The following overview presents 5 altcoins that currently have a particularly strong trend and promise investors high returns.

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AXS: Axie Infinity rises 70 percent in a week

A high-flyer in the crypto market at the moment is undoubtedly Axie Infinity. The price of AXS / USD is up nearly 70 percent in just one week. Thus, AXS is currently trading above $ 70, almost reaching the all-time high of $ 76 set just two days ago.

But the growth of altcoin is not only impressive on a weekly basis. Less than a month ago, AXS/USD was trading at $ 15. Thus, buyers of the altcoin who invested on time have achieved a return of almost 370 percent within a few weeks.

But this is little compared to the gains made by investors who joined AXS at the beginning of 2021. At the time, the altcoin was trading at just $ 0.6. As a result, the price has exploded by more than 11,560 percent. Anyone who bought the cryptocurrency for only 500 euros at the time can now look forward to a return of almost 58,000 dollars.

And the future prospects for Axie Infinity are also considered extremely positive by analysts. The analysts of Wallet Investor expect a further price increase of more than 40 percent by 2022. And for the following years, market observers expect a strong growth curve of 90 percent (2023) to 230 percent (2026).

The assessment of the analysts of Digital Coin Price is also positive. According to this, AXS could reach a price increase to more than $ 100 by 2024. By 2028, even the mark of 200 dollars is considered possible.

A detailed analysis of Axie Infinity can be found in this article by

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Internet Computer: ICP token climbs by 60 percent

Also a very strong trend is currently recorded by the token of Internet Computer. At the time of publication, the ICP/USD price is about 60 percent higher than the previous week.

However, the chart analysis over a longer period shows a significantly different picture than with Axie Infinity. As of May 2021, ICP was still trading at almost $ 500. Since then, despite the recent rally, the altcoin has experienced a correction of 86 percent.

The token for the decentralized Web 3.0 project had only been released in May and had immediately launched a rocket. Within a very short time, the market capitalization climbed to more than 20 billion dollars and out of nowhere found itself among the 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

But the surge was immediately followed by a dive to lows below $ 30 in June. Currently, the price has more than doubled compared to this correction.

Analysts disagree on how the ICP token will perform over the next few years. Coin Price Forecast expects a price increase of more than 240 percent in the next ten years. And Digital Coin Price expects prices in the range of 300 dollars by 2028. By contrast, Wallet Investor estimates that the token could lose more than 98 percent of its value by 2025.

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Klaytn: KLAY / USD Records 47% growth

Investors of KLAY/USD should be happy about an increase of almost 50 percent in just 7 days. The altcoin is currently trading at around 1.6 dollars, which is about twice as high as in June 2021.

However, in the longer term, the trend is still clearly down for KLAY/USD. Thus, at the beginning of April, the altcoin still reached a record level of 4,35 dollars. Despite the recent gains, the cryptocurrency is still 63 percent below the best values.

Klaytn is a public blockchain project launched by Kakao, one of the largest publicly traded technology companies in South Korea, in June 2019 through its blockchain division GroundX.

The platform itself is a hybrid solution that seeks to take advantage of the best features of public and private blockchains: Klaytn’s goal is to make blockchain-powered decentralized solutions accessible to everyone, from entrepreneurs to small start-ups to large companies, without the need for specialized knowledge about the technology itself.

Digital Coin Price analysts expect a rosy future for altcoin investors. According to this, a rate of more than 7 dollars is expected by 2028. Wallet Investor also assumes a clearly rising trend. According to them, KLAY / USD could grow by more than 400 percent by 2026.

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Cardano: ADA / USD hits $ 2 again

An old acquaintance can also be found among the currently best performing cryptocurrencies. Cardano is currently trading at around 2 dollars again, recording growth of around 44 percent in just one week.

This brings the all-time high within reach for buyers of Cardano. This was only reached on May 16 at $ 2.46. ADA/USD is still less than 20 percent away from this mark. Cardano is undoubtedly one of the best investments of the year. As late as early 2021, ADA/USD was trading at less than $ 0.2. Since then, the altcoin price has increased more than tenfold.

And the forecast is also extremely bullish. Digital Coin Price forecasts a level of around 9 dollars for ADA/USD by 2028. This is more than four times the current rates. Wallet Investor also expects growth rates of 400 percent by 2026. Coin Price Forecast analysts are even more bullish: their price target is even close to $ 12 by 2033.

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Ripple: XRP makes comeback with 42 percent increase

You could say the XRP price has risen from the (almost) dead. According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the altcoin had almost crashed into the ground to below 0.2 dollars at the end of 2020.

But these lows have clearly not dissuaded investors from continuing to bet on XRP / USD. And buying Ripple makes everyone pay for themselves again. In just one week, the top 10 cryptocurrency increased by more than 40 percent.

Coin Price Forecast remains confident about price despite the SEC investigation. By 2033, they expect an increase to around $ 6. Wallet Investor believes that growth of more than 150 percent is possible by 2026. And the experts at Digital Coin Price are also bullish with price targets of just under $ 5 by 2028.