The blockchain-based valuation platform Revain (REV) seems to be preparing for a rally: REV has gained almost 70% within the last 30 days, and weekly performance is also above average at 59% profit. Revain is currently also one of the top trending coins on -more searches are currently only for top 3 altcoin Cardano (ADA). In addition,: Revain is currently trading at $ 0.01, almost 100% below the all-time high of $ 4.49 hit by REV on February 18. The coin thus has massive air to the top and could become the big winner in the next bull run phase. We introduce Revain (REV) and say: What is Revain (REV)? What distinguishes Revain (REV)? Who invented Revain? And: what are the Revain price forecasts-from 2021 to 2028?

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What is Revain (REV)?

Revain is a blockchain – based platform for business and product reviews. The aim of the project: to provide a platform for balanced and truthful reviews of companies, products and services. For this, Revain relies on the immutability of blockchain technology.

The company behind Revain then publishes the reviews on the blockchain. Published means: All reviews are permanently stored in the blockchain. This should give users the certainty that what they read there in terms of rating is also true. For this, each review receives its own unique hash code-and this hash code in turn becomes part of the blockchain. So, users can check that the published review has not been changed by simply checking the hashes. If the hash code is unchanged, the rating is also unchanged.

Why is Revain (REV) special?

Revain wants to revolutionize the way people value products, businesses, and services-and how consumers use those reviews. According to the Revain developers, modern companies would rely heavily on word of mouth and influencer marketing. Many users do not have enough expertise and are easily influenced by sponsored news, articles and press releases. This ultimately leads to the fact that the users are dissatisfied. For example, because a product has been praised to heaven – and it turns out to be average at best after purchase.

These public reviews give consumers a precise idea of how good a company, product or service is. This helps to make an informed purchase decision. And unlike traditional review portals, Revain ensures that the reviews are authentic.

This seems to hit a nerve, because: According to its own information, Revain has so far achieved the largest number of user reviews in the industry.

How does Revain (REV) work?

Users can visit the website of Revain,, Query or write reviews about companies, products and services. The difference to many other rating platforms: In addition to evaluating users, Revain also attaches importance to e.g. feedback from the companies that are evaluated. They can comment on a published review or object to it – unless the review is accurate. Thus, Revain takes into account the opinions of both sides. The benefit for consumers: The reviews are becoming more objective.

Revain uses a five-star rating system for the reviews. In addition to their review, the authors must also provide a review. After that, other users can also leave a review – and Revain will then average out of all the reviews submitted.

Each review contains information such as: the name of the reviewer, his rank, the number of reviews written by him and his level on Revain. Below it is then the actual review to read. The presentation is clear: always at the top is the complete rating, followed by a list of advantages and disadvantages.

Strict rules for reviews

To ensure that there are no biased or intentionally substandard reviews from Revain users, the platform has strict rules regarding the submission of a review:

  • AI filter: If a user submits a review, Revain’s AI-based system automatically detects spam, fake reviews, grammatical errors or the quality of the content. Plagiarism, for example, is immediately noticeable. If the system sounds an alarm, it automatically rejects the submission.
  • Manual verification: After the system publishes the review, a moderator reviews the review. If there is a problem, the post will be hidden.
  • Veto right for companies: Rated companies have the right to read the review. If the company finds something that, in its opinion, does not correspond to the truth, it can comment on the rating and even contradict it.
  • Moderation: In disputes, the moderators examine the situation to find out what is right. If an evaluator or a company is suspected of bias, the moderator can also pronounce penalties or – in the case of serious violations-also carry out an account suspension.

Who invented Revain (REV)?

Venture capitalist Rinat Arslanov invented and founded Revain in 2018. Arslanov also serves as the current CEO of Revain. He has more than ten years of experience in the blockchain industry and works with other well-known team members. Among them: CFO Grigor Aproyan, COO Aleksey Belashenko, CTO Andrew Timokhin, Product Owner Dmitry Bogachev, Account Manager Tatiana Muntyanu, Designer Vlad Bocharov and Digital Manager Ksenia Fendich.

Revain also cooperates with numerous well-known crypto companies and exchanges, including, for example, Kucoin, DigiFinex, Uniswap, Nominex, BTC-Alpha, DragonEx, Emirex, Bittrex, Mercatox or the well-known hardware wallets Trezor and Ledger.

Revain (REV) Forecasts 2021 – 2028

Currently trading at $ 0.01 after a 4% drop in 24 hours. What development do popular forecast models predict at REV?

REV-1 monthly chart: Suddenly it goes up vertically. Source:
  • is generally neutral on Revain: 17 indicators of technical analysis signal bullish signals, but 11 bearish signals are opposite. No investment is recommended, but it is also not discouraged.
  • on the other hand, Revain (REV) considers a bad 1-year investment. According to the REV forecast, the valuation platform will fall to $ 0,007 within the next 12 months.
  • describes Revain as a profitable investment: REV is forecast to rise only slightly by the end of 2021. Also in the course of next year says for Revain, only an increase to 0,0185 dollars ahead. This corresponds to a profit of 85% based on current prices. Only in the course of 2025 Revain (REV) then cracks the 0,03 dollar limit. In the long term, however, REV is developing quite positively: expected by the end of 2028 at Revain, a rate of 0.05 dollars-this corresponds to an increase of 400%, based on current prices.
  • Gov. Capital is bullish on Revain: the REV-1 year forecast already predicts a price of $ 0.035 within the next 12 months. The 5-year REV forecast then sees the coin rise to $ 0.145 by the end of 2026. At the current rate of $ 0.01, this corresponds to a Price increase of 1,350%.

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Last updated on August 18, 2021

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