It has just been announced that Tesla is apparently engaged in Bitcoin solar mining-and at the same time, Canadian developer Daymak has now announced the world’s first electric car created specifically for mining cryptocurrencies.

Mining Cryptocurrencies while Parking your car – sounds lucrative? That’s apparently what Daymak, a Toronto-based automaker, was thinking: as the company announced yesterday, it is currently working on “Spiritus” – the first car designed to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin (where you can buy DOGE) and others. In parked condition. It would be an unprecedented milestone in the rapid development of blockchain technologies.

Each Spirit vehicle will be a node on the blockchain and will include both the Daymak Nebula Miner and the Nebula Wallet. Due to the Daymak Nebula technology, the spirit is equipped with mining hardware and a corresponding user interface. According to the manufacturer, the Spirit vehicles are emission-free and contain a solar charging function – which turns them into environmentally friendly crypto mining nodes. Similar to what Elon Musk may be planning with Tesla and Bitcoin.

Are crypto cars the future?

Each vehicle will be equipped with an “industry-leading GPU in the mining price-to-earnings ratio” and a wallet app that provides staking capabilities for drivers. Among others, the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano are to be supported.

Also, Daymak itself supports cryptocurrencies and accepts pre-orders in various coins, including Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA). Daymak wants to enable leasing payments through collaborations with various crypto exchanges.

Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak, on the crypto electric car:

“The spirit car is for those who want more in life. […] We envision a future where your highway toll, parking, and drive-thru order are paid directly on the fly with crypto. Your online bills and your banking transactions can be handled through the same software platform that is paid in crypto. And while most vehicles lose value while standing in your garage, the Nebula Miner will earn you money while your alcohol is parked. The possible applications are limitless.“

Daymak wants to release the crypto electric car in 2023. According to the company, the crypto mainstream adaptation has progressed sufficiently enough by then for the concept to be viable.

“Until then, everyone will pay with crypto, and we are building these cars with that thought in mind.“

The “Spiritus” can be pre-ordered at the official Homepage of the manufacturer.

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