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Netflix confirmed Tuesday that it plans to expand its platform to video games, starting with ad-free games for mobile devices such as phones and tabletsit through its existing service at no additional cost to subscribers will offer. In the largest expansion into a new type of entertainment since the beginning of streaming in 2007 and the release of its first original show in 2012, Netflix outlined comprehensive ambitions for games in generalwhich suggests that it will ultimately also wants to offer console games.

Mobile games will be the main focus of Netflix

Mobile games will be the main focus, but executives said Tuesday that all devices that Netflix already supports, Candidates for his games are. These include the PlayStation and Xbox game consoles as well as desktop computers and networked TVs.

“There is a great opportunity to further improve our technical capabilities to improve the quality of gaming experiences we can deliver across all devices” – Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief operating and product officer

On Tuesday, Netflix announced no time for his gaming initiative, but only found that it was in the “Initial stage“and it is a “multi-year effort“ be. A report last week said Netflix was planning to expand into games within the next year.

Netflix Share InfoThe company said it will experiment, Develop games based on existing Netflix franchisesto make fandoms delve deeper into their favorite stories and characters, but it will try stand-alone games, which are completely original and may themselves produce spin-off shows or movies. It is also being studied to create games based on media that exist outside the Netflix galaxy-that is, a Netflix game based on a series of books or a comic, for example.

Netflix was clear about one thing gaming won’t be, at least not in the beginning: a new way to make money. “We are a one-product company,” said co-CEO Reed Hastings, and this product is an all-in-one subscription.

Netflix games have no ads, they do not include in-game purchases, and users do not need to buy individual titles. Netflix games are part of the overall subscription, just as horror movies, reality TV shows, and award-winning drama series are part of the same Netflix membership.

Games on Netflix later this year?

Last week, Bloomberg reported that Netflix plans to expand its service to video games at no additional cost within the next year. At the time, Netflix confirmed that it had hired Mike Verdu, who previously worked at Oculus, Electronic Arts and Zynga, as Vice President of Game Developmentbut declined to comment further.

By moving into the gaming industry, Netflix wants to expand its basic business of TV shows and movies as the world’s largest subscription video service. It is not alone in this. In the field of cloud gaming services, there are more and more providers. Amazon has launched in Luna, its cloud gaming service, invest and has a own gaming studiowhile Google is spending money in its own Stadia-Game streaming service has stuck.

Netflix had recently hinted that it was interested in being Striving to reinforce Gaming. The company has flirted with games before, through its interactive, adventurous programs like Bandersnatch and through some licensing and merchandising partnerships. But in April, Peters signaled that Netflix’s interest in games may be progressing.

“We’re trying to figure out what all these different possibilities are … we can deepen this fandom, and games are certainly a really interesting part of it. There is no doubt that games will be an important form of entertainment and an important way to deepen fan experience.”- Greg Peters

As Netflix has grown as a company, it has long been pointed out by many sites that its Competition beyond traditional television and film companies. The company has repeatedly Game phenomena like Fortnite as well as the user-generated video powerhouse YouTube as some of its toughest competitors called for the huge collection of entertainment lessons that they master worldwide.

“We believe the time is right to learn more about how our members value games,” the company said Tuesday.

Last updated on July 21, 2021

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