Bitcoin has recently fallen below the critical $ 32,000 mark – and retail investors are using that as an opportunity to make money with the falling Bitcoin price. Retail investors have started to stock up on shorts – an incredibly bearish metric for the market.

Retail investors buy into shorts / Source: Twitter

The fact that so many shorts have been placed in such a short period of time could show other investors that the price of the digital asset will eventually fall and thus lead to panic sales. Although this is not always the case. One thing is certain: No one can pinpoint what will happen to the digital asset – any short or long placed now is a bet. They are guesses rather than actual predictions.

According to this Twitter Post there are consistent short squeezes among retail investors as the market struggles to recover. This could indicate that Bitcoin may now be on the verge of the famous bottom more than ever.

Cascading Lows

Investors also comment on the longs placed by retail investors. One user, for example, posts that this could lead to a cascading bottom that will be much larger than any reversal.

It continues to forecast that the digital asset could break through the $30,000 stronghold it has held for weeks. It is speculated that this is the point where institutional investors would increase their investments and the bulls rush back.

BTC Price Amid Bearish Sentiment / Source: BTCUSD on

Bitcoin has fallen to almost $ 31,000 in the last 24 hours and has recovered a bit from this slump. But this is not enough to renew the belief that a rebound is more likely than a bottom.

If the digital asset breaks through $ 30,000 before the week is over, then Bitcoin could very well be in bear territory. Separately, other investors believe this will trigger a relief rally over the weekend.

The shorter ones hope they can break the current Bitcoin support-but so far Bitcoin has held out. But there is no telling how the rest of the weekend will turn out.

Bullish sentiment for Bitcoin?

Despite the continued decline in the price of the digital asset, Bitcoin maximalists remain steadfast in their determination for the future of Bitcoin. Exchanges have reported that crypto reserves on their balance sheets have fallen sharply as investors withdraw coins from exchanges into their wallets. The holders continue to hold on to the coin.

Large accumulation events are likely to take place if Bitcoin breaks through $ 30,000 support. Whales will take this opportunity to buy back the assets they had sold during the peak of the market – and retail investors will also want a piece of that action.

Naming the bottom for the digital asset has been a contentious issue for a while. Forecasts are chasing the market as to when the Bitcoin bottom will be reached. But so far, the bears seem to have the price in a stranglehold, as the asset has not seen a significant recovery in recent weeks. He just keeps himself at his current position in the charts.

At this point, BTC continues to target the $ 32,000 price point while the bears pull the price down. The digital asset has shown strong rebound patterns and is now traded above $ 31,900.

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Text credits: Newsbtc

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