A new infochart from Kryptoscene suggests that the big electric car manufacturers could benefit significantly in the coming years if the Greens win the 2021 federal election. The election programme of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen stipulates that from 2030 only electric cars may be newly registered in Germany. in 2020, 3 out of 4 newly registered cars were either petrol or diesel.


German car manufacturers should also benefit

So if the Greens are actually appointed to the government, then the sales of the big electric car companies could increase exponentially. Assuming that Tesla’s share of the market remains the same, the US manufacturer could increase its German sales to a whopping 17 billion euros with a significant impact on the Tesla stock price. However, the electric car plans are not limited to Tesla, but also to the German automotive companies, which are already making the switch to electric drive systems. Especially VWs models are popular here.

According to the election program of the Greens, Deutsche Bahn is also to be sponsored much more. For example, 100 billion euros of additional investments are to flow into DB by 2035. However, whether this will bring an IPO closer remains uncertain.

Real Estate Stocks Could Lose

For the large German real estate companies such as Deutsche Wohnen or Vonovia, however, the Greens could become a danger if they can implement their election program. Through a nationwide rent cap, rental income would no longer grow, but would probably decline sharply. This could lead to negative real estate equity developments.

The coal phase – out is also an integral part of the Greens ‘ election programme. Energy companies in particular, which have already distanced themselves from fossil fuels, could gain momentum here. The E. On share or Vattenfall could therefore invite investment. Energy companies that are still increasingly relying on hard coal or lignite, such as RWE or EnBW, are likely to lose economic influence.

The cryptoscene Infochart on the election check of the Greens shows that the Greens have largely remained true to their original ideals. Climate policy plays a central role. If the Greens actually win the election, then there will be considerable opportunities, especially for sustainable companies, which could lead to long-term price increases.