The world of car manufacturers continues to be strongly in demand. While Tesla is recalling nearly 300,000 cars in China due to safety problems with cruise control, Volkswagen plans to completely stop selling vehicles with internal combustion engines in Europe by 2035.

Tesla recalls 300,000 vehicles in China

Falcon Heavy with Tesla RoadstarTesla started this on Saturday, recall more than 285,000 vehicles in China due to a safety risk related to the vehicle’s cruise control.

That Cruise control system in certain models can be activated when drivers try to shift a gear or accidentally touch the gear selector, which leads to accidental acceleration, according to China’s State Administration for Market Regulation.

The Recall includes 35,665 imported Model 3 vehicles and 249,855 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles manufactured at Tesla’s Shanghai factory. Customers do not have to return the vehicles. Instead, you get a free software update either remotely or in personto fix the problem.

Tesla apologized for the recall on Saturday in a statement posted on its official Weibo Account, one of China’s most popular social media sites. Tesla said it will continue to improve in accordance with China’s safety regulations.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our car owners. In the meantime, Tesla will strictly follow national regulations and continue to improve our safety protection to provide our customers with an excellent and safe driving experience,” the automaker said.

China has proven to be a difficult market for Tesla. The company is in conflict with five Chinese regulators who questioned the quality of its Shanghai-made Model 3. The market leader in electric cars sold less than 26,000 cars in China in April, this was 27% less than in March, according to figures from the China Passenger Car Association. The decrease was due to the fact that Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers such as Nio (NIO), Xpeng and Li Auto all reported improved domestic sales.

Volkswagen plans to stop selling vehicles with internal combustion engines in Europe by 2035

Volkswagen ExhaustBut that’s not enough problems for Tesla. Volkswagen plans to Stop selling combustion engines in Europe by 2035a board member told the Munich Mercury (via Reuters).

Volkswagen Chief Sales Officer Klaus Zellmer told the newspaper that the company will ” withdraw from the business of cars with internal combustion engines in Europe between 2033 and 2035.” However, it would take longer to stop selling internal combustion engines in the U.S. and China – that will come “a little later” – and in South America and Africa, where he said, “it will take much longer. ”

Zellmer said that the the automaker’s entire fleet will be CO2-neutral by 2050 at the latest. By 2030, it aims to achieve 70 percent of the company’s total sales in Europe with electric vehicles.

Which CO2-neutral targets of Volkswagen are close to several competitors; Ford announced earlier this year that it would only sell electric vehicles in Europe by 2030 and plans to spend $ 1 billion to turn its factory in Cologne, Germany, into a Convert EV Production Line. In April, Honda announced plans to phase out gas vehicles by 2040.

Several European countries have their own Targets for banning traditional gas vehicles, with Norway targeting 2025 and France 2040, and the UK planning 2050. In the United States, California plans to ban the sale of gas vehicles by 2035, with several other states adopting the California model.

Last updated on June 27, 2021

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