If you don’t want to rely only on tried and tested cryptocurrencies, the upcoming Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) could be extremely interesting for you in July. Such an ICO is a round of funding for new cryptocurrency projects. Financial resources are to be used to help the project to the next stage of development. One of the most interesting projects of the last few weeks is called DeFi Coin – the project was successfully launched on June 30, 2021 on the Exchange VinDax.com listed. Other ICOs that are of interest to investors and crypto fans are SafeLaunch (SFE), Moma (MOMAT), Xion Finance (XGT) and NFT Token Pilot (NFTP). However, which of the projects has the best potential?


1. DeFi Coin (DEFC)

A DeFi project, which has grown rapidly in popularity in recent days, is called DeFi Coin. DeFi Coin (DEFC) is the native token of the DeFi Coin protocol, which aims to make DeFi projects more attractive and increase acceptance. On the platform, it should be possible in the future to exchange cryptocurrencies with other users decentrally and without middlemen among themselves.

DEFC is based on the Binance Smart Chain. The token is used to implement the goals of the DeFi Coin protocol. These would be: static rewards, automatic liquidity pools and coin burning strategies.

DeFi Coin now available on Vindax.com available

Vindax.com Listing

On 30 June 2021 was DeFi Coin successfully listed on the Vietnamese Exchange Vindax.com Unlisted. This is an enormously important step for the DeFi project. Now it is finally possible for all supporters and investors DEFC about VinDax.com to purchase – just register and get started. DeFi Coin hopes that the listing will appeal to a larger audience and increase acceptance for the DeFi Coin.

DeFi Coin price

In addition, 100 million DeFi coins were originally issued at a price of $ 0.20. After only a few days, the cryptocurrency has already gained in value. The coin is now trading for around $ 0.32 and it is expected that the value of the cryptocurrency will continue to increase in the coming days and weeks. If you want to support the project and want to be the owner of DeFi Coins, you should strike now.

2. SafeLaunch (SFE)

SafeLaunch plans its ICO on July 5th. Around 200,000 SFE will be issued at a price of $ 0.5. The project aims to help new BSC projects through early fundraising, audits, advertising and industry experts. SafeLaunch will help other DeFi projects become more successful. This is to be achieved thanks to SafePad, Safe Allocation and yield farming.

3. Moma(MOMAT)

The Moma Protocol (MOMAT) plans its ICO on July 6. 500,000 MOMAT are to be spent for 0.36 USD. The Moma Protocol hopes to raise around $ 180,000 through the ICO.

The protocol was introduced back in December 2020. The Moma Protocol primarily aims to provide a solution to the growing demands of the cryptocurrency market and the DeFi credit markets. The previous problem of scalability in blockchain technology is also being tackled. Smart contracts are used to create a decentralized ecosystem, which primarily expands market diversity and liquidity.

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4. Xion Finance (XGT)

Xion Finance is planning its ICO for July 7th. It will spend 700,000 XGT for $ 0.18. The goal of the project is to raise about $ 125,000 with the ICO. Xion Finance describes itself as”the next generation of payment portals”. Decentralized payments, loyalty and financial reward are provided for e-commerce. The aim of the project is to solve problems such as too high transaction costs, missing bonus programs or blocked proceeds from a sale. Thus, in the future, Xion Finance wants to offer a decentralized e-commerce and financial platform where there will be no transaction costs. In addition, they want to offer 100% cashback bonuses and make access to their own funds much easier.

5. NFT Token Pilot

Another project is called NFT Token Pilot, which has planned its ICO on July 12. 500,000 NFTPs will be issued at the price of $ 0.0005. This is a project that, as the name suggests, will specialize in NFTs (Non fungible tokens). The NFT Token Pilot protocol is based on the Binance Smart Chain and aims to support artists using blockchain technology.