Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey demands: Every Twitter account should be connected to a Bitcoin Lightning wallet.

Twitter soon with Lightning integration?

According to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, every account on his social media platform should be linked to a Bitcoin Lightning wallet. However, he has not yet confirmed that this will happen in the foreseeable future.

Rather, the comment was a tongue-in-cheek response to the suggestion that Twitter should introduce NFT wallet functionality.

Anyone who follows the industry knows: Dorsey – despite recently using the Ethereum ecosystem for NFT sales-is a staunch supporter of Bitcoin.

NFTs and Twitter

With his response, Dorsey responded to a request from Brandon Jacoby, the head of product design at Party Round and former “cash app”designer, to introduce an NFT wallet feature for each Twitter account.

Jacoby according to if Twitter has a wallet address to store NFTs-the NFT could also serve as the user’s avatar. However, the most important selling point, according to Jacoby, is the promotion of the NFT space.

“Every Twitter account should have a wallet address to store NFTs. Users could select any NFT in their wallet to use as their avatar. That would serve as one of the largest verified levels for presentation/dissemination.”

The comment was in turn made by @seyitaylor take up. He then said: Such functionality would benefit the Ethereum network more than Twitter. This means that there is no incentive for Twitter to implement this. Namely, in terms of the fact that such functionality would come at the expense of Bitcoin adaptation.

“That’s one thing that I feel would benefit the ethos system a lot more than Twitter.”

Dorsey is a convinced Bitcoin maximalist

In a variation of the original tweet that prompted the thread, Dorsey agreed with Jacoby’s request – but only in terms of linking a Bitcoin Lightning wallet.

In March, Dorsey sold an NFT of his first tweet for a whopping $ 2.9 million. The tweet read “just setting up my twttr” and was first posted on March 21, 2006.

According to Dorsey, the proceeds of the sale were converted into Bitcoin and donated to GiveDirectly. This is a charity that supports people living in poverty.

At the end of June, Twitter released 140 free NFTs, most of which were moving images of the company’s logo.

The developer @packanimalETH do this: It was only a matter of time before Dorsey personally invested in Ethereum.

However, the Twitter boss has proven to be a loyal Bitcoin maximalist. So someone who only believes in Bitcoin and not in other tokens. And this despite the limited functionality that the number one among cryptocurrencies currently offers.

Dorsey responded to the posting by @packanimalETH with a terse “No.”

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