André Wendt is co-founder and COO of UnitedCrowd, a German crypto startup that releases the UCT token. The cryptocurrency will also be available from tomorrow, July 1, 2021, at PancakeSwap and to act. In conversation with Wendt talks about the need for digital currencies, the role of the token price for a network and about banana bread in the office.

Hello André, I ask at the beginning quite provocatively: does it really still need a cryptocurrency?

In my opinion, the question is closely linked to the question of whether cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general are needed. And these have certainly answered many voices of the Old economy clearly with “no” in the past. Meanwhile, the tide is turning socially to happiness.

Because it is clear: to renounce something/ to reject something, just because it is apparently not absolutely necessary at first, would probably have nipped most of the developments of our society in the bud. Just think of the Internet or space travel. We are convinced that new developments and new cryptocurrencies always have the potential to improve and expand the existing and previously achieved and thus ultimately offer the user real added value.

What makes your UCT token different from other virtual currencies and what benefits can users expect?

The UnitedCrowd ecosystem connects tokenized real-world assets, such as real estate, to DeFi protocols. For our users, this means that they do not have to choose between the reliability of real assets and the additional revenue opportunities and flexibility of the DeFi world. With our tokenization Framework, we tokenize selected assets – the tokens are then available on the UnitedCrowd platform.

The platform is also the central interface for our community. Here you can participate in staking and lotteries as a UCT holder, earn tokens with the Social Rewards system – mine liquidity and exercise your voting rights – because the UCT is the governance token of the ecosystem.

“A listing on an exchange is always an exciting event”

What role does UCT play in the UnitedCrowd ecosystem? Can you perhaps explain to our readers what a tradable token means for such a network?

Well, the UCT is one of the governance tokens of the UnitedCrowd ecosystem. Our community can actively participate in decisions and thus also initiate UCT buybacks from the market and burning, for example. At the same time, the UCT is the token that connects the elements of the UnitedCrowd for the user: staking, pooling, liquidity mining and social rewards are dynamically connected by the UCT.

Through the tradability of UCT, the growth and development of the ecosystem for UCT holders is then also linked to the performance of its tokens. Because it is clear that a successful project must ultimately pay off for its community.

Tomorrow UCT trading starts at Pancakeswap and What do you expect from the start of trading?

A listing on an exchange is always an exciting event. Finally, UCT and thus UnitedCrowd will be presented to a new target group. Ultimately, we promise ourselves exactly that: We want to make UnitedCrowd and its benefits known to more people. Our ecosystem also thrives on its community – seeing them grow is our biggest drive.

“Higher prices mean more attention”

Is a high UCT price beneficial for you or does the actual course play no real role for the ecosystem?

The ecosystem basically works regardless of the price of the UCT. Nevertheless, a high price has advantages – especially for our community. It is undeniable that tokens traded at relatively high prices are getting more attention. If you take a look at the token lists of most exchanges, it is not infrequently only the most expensive ones that come directly into view.

We are therefore of course happy about a good trading price. Ultimately, however, we see the project as long-term. We’ve been around long enough and experienced multiple price drops across the crypto market to know that the token price alone does not determine the long-term success of a project.

You are based in Cologne and have set up UnitedCrowd from there. How can you imagine the everyday life of a crypto developer team?

Is there such a thing as everyday life in the crypto scene? Almost every week offers us exciting challenges and new developments. The crypto world is fast-paced, and so research and development always play an important role for us as a team. But of course, there are also the regular tasks that each of us works on. And of course there is also a morning coffee and joint breaks, sometimes banana bread for everyone and on some days also nightly phone calls about current tasks.

Many of us have been with us since 2018, we know each other well and know exactly how to best support each other. We work completely digitally from the beginning and often remotely. When everyone is on site together, we always take time for what motivates us again and again: Our common vision – that can be long and always enriching conversations.

“In the crypto market, it’s teamwork that moves everyone forward”

Is there some kind of competitive thinking with other token teams? If so, who do you see as competition? Maybe even the German IOTA, which, however, has a completely different purpose?

No, we don’t have competitive thinking and we haven’t experienced it from other token teams either. On the contrary: We have good contacts with many actors in the scene and exchange ideas regularly. In a market that has such enormous growth potential as the crypto market and is developing so rapidly at the same time, it is teamwork that takes everyone forward – and that also across projects.

Thank you for the interview