Introduction to VDollar Exchange

VDollar Exchange LTD is registered in Colorado, USA, and has the registration of MSB. It is under the jurisdiction of the United States and has three business sectors, digital currency Exchange (, ultra-circular digital currency wallet (vdollarwallet .com) and new trading is mining coins (

In a crowded crypto trading space with many platforms offering similar features, VDollar presents a breath of fresh air that makes it quite different from the rest.


VDollar is a well-known name in the crypto industry as it managed to establish itself as a prominent one-stop shop for all sorts of crypto operations. As an emerging cryptocurrency contracts trading system, the VDollar ecosystem has more room to grow. Its supported assets list currently includes not only the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and Tether (USDT) but also popular fork projects like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, etc. Some DeFi assets including Chainlink, Uniswap, Yearn.Finance are also compatible with the VDollar trading suite. All of these digital currencies are available for crypto contracts trading.

For those looking for more PoS and DPos tokens on the list of supported assets, the VDollar ecosystem accepts Tron, EOS, Cardano, OMG Network, Dash, Filecoin, Aelf, and Status, etc. The growing demand for memetic or overhyped coins could result in the addition of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Coin to the long list of assets soon.

The Vdollar ecosystem has three components 

  • (Exchange)
  • VDollar (Crypto Wallet)
  • VDollar (Cryptocurrency)

VDollar Exchange Synopsis

Mobile ApplicationAvailable
Supported CoinsBTC, ETH, VD, FIL, DOGE, XRP, BSV, ZRX, DASH, & more
Supported trading pairs30 
Native TokenVDollar
HeadquartersColorado, USA
Found in2020
Supported countries Do not Support Countries that Consider Cryptocurrency Trading as Illegal
Minimum depositNot required
Transaction feesMakers – 0.06%Takers – 0.04%
Withdrawal feesMainly for Miners
Deposit fees0
Customer SupportLive Chat, Email, and Submit Complaint Support

Features of VDollar

VDollar exchange supports a simple user interface, suits both newbies and experts, has an easy-to-navigate website that is divided into various sections like an exchange, OTC, Swaps, Margin, and Trading Mine. Let’s understand the features of VDollar in detail: 

  • Mining Mechanism

The unique mechanism of VDollar is explained earlier wherein a 100% transaction fee is put into the USDT reserve pool. The transaction fee acts like the underlying asset. The value of its currency is backed by the transaction fees collected from trading on the platform. 

  • Simple UI

As described earlier, VDollar has an easy to use UI. The website supports English and Chinese languages. Users can find the language setting option on the top right side of the website. Currently, the exchange platform supports BTC, ETH, VD, FIL, DOGE, XRP, BSV, ZRX, DASH, EOS, ZIL, LTC, among others. The trading chart displays both high and low trading volume along with a 24hr volume period. 

Mining VDollar seems to be difficult after reaching the 10th level. To motivate miners, VDust is offered as a reward from the 11th level. One of the important aspects of VDust is that the reward is obtained by the transaction fees. 

  • USDT Reserve Pool (URP)

The URP holds the transaction fees backing VDollar. All coin-holders can own it with a public on-chain address. The address is public and can be verified. The underlying assets of the VDollar exchange are supported, verifiable, and completely transparent. 

‘Trade-mine’ campaign

The activity of a particular user is therefore reflected by the value of fees sent to the USDT Reserve Pool. This concept, which is pioneered by VDollar, is dubbed Trading Mining.

By processing high trading volume, every user can increase his/her tier in the system’s ranking. This isn’t unlike Binance’s Binance Coins (BNB), but VD has some advantages over the world’s top exchange tokens.

To name a few, VDollar sends all transactional fees to USDT Reserve Pool. Also, its team promotes their URP/VD mechanism as a more transparent one than that of Binance.

What Makes it Different from BNB

VDollar challenges other market-leading platforms, especially Binance, with a self-serving mechanism wherein trading on the platform will support its native token’s value. This not only means that a healthy trading ecosystem will translate into higher returns for users but also will protect the crypto from market downtrends.

Platform tokenVDollarBNB
Issuance Cap10 Million200 Million
100% of the transaction fee support platform tokenYesNo
Diminishing outputYesNo
Transparent % VerifiableYesNo

Security features

Various VDollar reviews report that the platform uses an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) algorithm to secure its wallets. More so, the databases holding account passwords are said to be encrypted with Salted SHA-256.

For the security of funds, the platform holds the exchange private keys – being a centralized exchange, and holds all users’ funds either in a hot or multi-sig cold wallet accessible by the team. Funds stored on exchanges puts users’ assets in the cross-hairs of malicious actors such as hackers, as cryptocurrency exchanges are oftentimes their targets. 

Users can further protect their accounts and prevent third-party access by setting up email and phone verifications, as well as a google app authenticator.

VDollar Exchange Fees

Unlike many other crypto exchanges, VDollar does not have any fee for deposits made on VDollar exchange. However, a small or standard fee is applicable on withdrawal and trading. As compared with many other tier 1 exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, Okex etc, the fee is quite low. Also, 100% of the transaction fees are put into the mining pool as the user’s underlying asset. In fact, the user can earn reward points and Vdust with their asset holdings. To know full details of VDollar exchange fees click here.

Exchange/Margin Transaction fee rates:

  • Makers 0.2%
  • Takers 0.2%

Swaps transaction fee rates:

  • ​​​​​​​Makers 0.06%
  • Takers 0.04%

All about VDollar Coin (VD)

Like most influential crypto projects, has its tokenomics model for the sake of fairness in terms of profit shares within the community. Its native digital asset is known as VDollar Coin (ticker symbol, VD) which is a unique core native currency that will serve as a backbone for the entire VDollar ecosystem.

According to the VDollar whitepaper, the maximum supply of VD Coin has been capped at 10,000,000. It would be minted and pegged as 1:1 corresponding to the URP dynamics. All VD Coin owners who have a public on-chain address will also be entitled to URP coins.


VDollar project has surfaced as a unique concept within the traditional crypto exchange industry, challenging giants like Binance and KuCoin exchanges. It has a long way ahead once experienced traders start flocking towards this high-performance crypto project.