Everything only half as wild? The crypto market is still licking its wounds due to the recent price losses, as figures from KPMG’s “Venture Pulse 2021” cause turmoil. As a result, a whopping $ 17 billion was invested in emerging crypto companies by June. According to data from Pitchbook, the money comes primarily from venture capitalists.


10 Million USD for Binance Block.one

At the forefront of this is block.one, which as a blockchain company is also promoted by prominent billionaire Peter Thiel. This company alone receives about $ 10 billion in inflows to launch a new crypto exchange called Bullish Global.

The claims correspond to the size of the deposits. So the creators want nothing less than to push the great Chinese market leader Binance from the podium.

All in all, capital inflows are thus coming to an undisputed record year. So far, the total of $ 7.4 billion that flowed into crypto firms in 2018 was the highest.

Ledger also receives a lot of money

However, the venture capital also benefits other companies in the industry. Well-known French wallet maker Ledger raised an incredible $ 380 million from venture capitalists in a stand-alone financing round. The investors hope for a rich return from their deposit.

This could come from around 1.5 million users and even more new customers. According to its own data, 3 million digital crypto wallets, in particular the Nano S and Nano X versions, have already been sold. The demand is globally oriented and is distributed to around 190 countries.

A full 15% of all crypto assets are supposed to be stored on Ledger’s hardware.

According to Manager Magazin, however, the venture capitalists are not only reaching for income in the cryptocurrency industry. A total of $ 127 billion flowed into numerous startups and fintechs in the first quarter according to market observers, this trend is expected to continue in the future. It can be good times for startup stocks.