The cryptocurrency Wanderlust (WANDER) has exploded by an incredible 274% in the last 24 hours. The beginning of an epic rally?


Wanderlust Coin (WANDER): the revolution of the travel industry?

The bull run on the altcoin markets continues unabated. Numerous cryptocurrencies record profits in the three-digit percentage range, for example Wanderlust Coin (WANDER) on the Binance Smart Chain: No less than 274% of the coin has risen within the last 24 hours. Trading volume also rises to record levels and has gained 1,684% since yesterday (!). But what is Wanderlust Coin (WANDER)? And: Does the rally last? Could an investment be worthwhile?

Wanderlust Coin (WANDER): After a violent reset, the coin shoots vertically upwards. Source:

Wanderlust is an innovative travel platform with blockchain integration. The portal wants to build a one-stop solution for travel needs and accommodations-and that in combination with a native token that can be used anywhere in the world. This token is WANDER. This is a deflationary token that is used as a utility token to access the products and services within the Wanderlust ecosystem. In addition, each WANDERLUST transaction is subject to a 10% fee. These 10% are divided as follows:

  • 3% will be distributed back to the owners of WANDERLUST.
  • 3% is added to the liquidity pool.
  • 3% will be distributed to support the Wanderlust Fund for travel awards and donations.
  • 1% is burned.

In addition, the Wanderlust ecosystem is also intended to provide an NFT generator: this will allow travelers to digitize experiences on the blockchain and create a kind of travel diary for themselves in this way. Of course, the goodies and souvenirs should not be missing on a travel platform. Wanderlust Coin (WANDER) would therefore also like to offer an exclusive “Wanderlust Shop”. Here, hikers around the world should be able to buy travel merchandise, such as suitcases, bags or other products that help travelers in their adventures. The developers:

“We are wanderers who truly believe that the experience of traveling is the way to nourish and liberate our souls.“

Wanderlust Coin – Travel meets Blockchain

According to the developers, the transparency created by tracking on the blockchain provides incentives for providers to maintain high quality of service while creating trust. Travelers should also receive discounts and other rewards through the Wanderlust platform. Providers, on the other hand, benefit from a network of enthusiastic holidaymakers worldwide who enjoy efficient bookings, appealing marketing and smooth payment options.

Wanderlust Coin (WANDER): Cheap entry now?

Caution is advised here. Data from according to Wanderlust Coin (WANDER) exists only since 27.08.2021. Wanderlust (WANDER) is therefore still a very young cryptocurrency. Although there are now favorable investment opportunities at Wanderlust Coin (WANDER, to buy from eToro or Libertex), since the token currently costs only $0.000000008246 dollars. At the same time, however, the risk of loss is also greatest. The detailed roadmap of the team speaks for a continuation of the rally. For example, the following developments are planned for the fourth quarter of 2021:

  • Introduction of a merchandise product
  • Increase user base and community
  • Building a social media community
  • Raffle of travel offers
  • Marketing Events
  • Decentralized and centralized Exchange platforms
  • Testimonial videos and Case studies
  • NFT Generator goes live
  • Partnerships with leading travel agencies and Fortune 500 companies

If the developers succeed in implementing parts of the roadmap (such as building a social media community) and additionally underline the importance of the project with case studies, Wanderlust Coin (WANDER) could benefit greatly as a new, promising cryptocurrency and continue its run in the fourth quarter of 2021.