Two of the most prominent Bitcoin analysts are convinced that Bitcoin will literally explode in the coming months. How do you justify your bullish thesis?

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“Enjoy the Shake Out before $50k”

True, the Bitcoin course has not been able to develop significant momentum and reach new local highs for quite some time. However, according to the most prominent Bitcoin analysts, this is only a matter of time. They say: Bitcoin will rise sharply in the coming months.

One of these analysts, for example, is Will Clemente III.He writes to his more than 208,000 Twitter followers: Significant price increases are expected in the coming months. Clemente cites the so-called “supply shock” as a reason, i.e. the increasingly scarce supply of available Bitcoins. That currently has the most momentum in the recent past. Clemente’s conclusion:

“We will rise significantly higher in the coming months.“

According to the industry observer, there is also another bullish factor at the moment: never has more Bitcoin been accumulated than now. If a bearish attitude had been adopted at the moment, it was simply wrong. Investors should rather enjoy the” shake out ” of weak investors before Bitcoin rises above $ 50,000. To do this, he shows an hourglass emoticon-and thus suggests: just wait and see. Clemente:

“Strongest on-chain accumulation in the history of Bitcoin.

Bears Are Completely Wrong, Enjoying the Shake Out Before $50K“”

Bitcoin’s 6-month chart: the last decline before Bitcoin”flips”? Source:

Bitcoin will “spin”: Willy Woo

Top analyst Willy Woo is also convinced that Bitcoin will rise parabolically in the next few weeks, as “Daily Hodl” originally reports. Woo is considered a leading on-chain analyst alongside PlanB, the inventor of the Bitcoin Stock-To-Flow price prediction model. He says: Bitcoin will “spin” in the coming months! But how does the New Zealander come to this?

Woo also cites the strong accumulation of long-term holders in an interview with the “What Bitcoin Did”podcast:

“We are moving towards a peak that we will reach next month at current rates.“

This, according to Woo, means peak accumulation. And peak accumulation means: after that there is a massive increase.


“The last increase was from $ 10,000 to $ 60,000 from October last year. Before that, there was an increase from $ 4,000 to $ 14,000 within a few months. So if we peak in October … then we’ll look at November. This is when the run-up takes place. All the coins are being snapped up by these long-term guys… The structure of the market says, “This thing is going to go nuts.”

Woo also does not believe that the current bull market will end with a massive increase. The crypto cycle from 2020 is rather completely different and has a “structure that we have never seen before”. This, according to Woo, is very promising. Because:

“We will have another run and forget about the December sell-off that happened with every other top.”

You can watch the full interview with Willy Woo here.

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