Streamr (DATA) is loud up 156% in the last 24 hours – but still more than 50% below its all-time high at $ 0.18. Time to devote to the coin. We explain: What is Streamr (DATA)? Why is Streamr (DATA) special? And what are the price forecasts for Streamr (DATA)-from 2021 to 2025?

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What is Streamr (DATA)?

Streamr is an open-source, decentralized platform for real-time data, developed since 2017, where users can control their information and monetize it on a dedicated marketplace. Simply put: The Streamr platform wants to allow users to be paid for sharing their personal information. For example, Data Union members can get paid for their Google search history or the list of their recent Amazon purchases. As we now know, this personal user data is worth a lot of money – for example for advertisers or analysts.

At the heart of the Protocol is the Streamr network. This transports message streams from data publishers to subscribers and acts as a global publish/subscribe messaging service for the user. The functionality is similar to that of Enterprise Messaging systems, Message Queues, MQTT brokers, Apache Kafka, or Pub/Sub Cloud Messaging services. Each stream or pub sub topic has its own peer-to-peer overlay network. These are built and maintained by a number of BitTorrent-like trackers.

The main features of such systems, including Streamr, are:

  • Publish messages to make them available to subscribers
  • Subscribe to news
  • Save messages for later use

Users can interact with Streamr through the Core user interface, SDKs, or directly through the API. In addition to the network, as mentioned, the Streamr stack includes a marketplace for data sharing and monetization. Using the built-in tools is optional, as Streamr can also be integrated with numerous popular data frameworks such as Apache Spark and Node-RED.

What distinguishes Streamr (DATA)?

The big difference to comparable data frameworks is: Streamr sees itself as decentralized and peer-to-peer. The developers see some advantages in decentralization. Similar to cloud services, you get on-demand scalability and only have to make minimal upfront investments. Unlike cloud services, however, there is no vendor lock-in, no monopolies and no proprietary code. An essential aspect is that you do not entrust your data to any third party. Decentralized networks are considered secure and fundamentally more resistant to attacks and disruptions.

Instead of a central instance, the network is operated by the users on the basis of the underlying cryptography. The result is a permission-free and neutral network for real-time data, which, according to the developers, is well suited for use cases such as data monetization or decentralized web. Another plus is the possibility of expanding the underlying Internet without jeopardizing its open and decentralized nature.

Another important difference: Streamr uses an accompanying blockchain (currently Ethereum, but that’s about to change). It equips users with a digital identity and enables direct value transfers in the form of the Streamr-specific token DATA.

In contrast to proof-of-work blockchains, the DATA mining rewards are generated by sharing bandwidth-and not by solving complex computing puzzles, as is the case with Bitcoin, for example. The advantage: The process does not require powerful hardware. Miners can even run the software on an old laptop or a Raspberry Pi.

Why has Streamr (DATA) increased more than 100%?

Probably due to the advancing development. Thus, the Streamr project has just announced that it will launch a series of several test networks in the summer. Interested miners can register to reserve a place as a node operator. A total of two million DATA tokens will be distributed to Testnet participants as mining rewards. The project met with great interest, because in the meantime more than 1,000 users have registered to operate a node in the test network.

What is Streamr (DATA) used for?

The Streamr Network is a Middleware solution that can be used by any decentralized application as an infrastructure device (such as Web 3.0 applications or Blockchain networks). The project can extend use cases such as DeFi or NFTs through real-time data functionality. Streamr makes DApp developers independent of centralized services like AWS. The network sees itself as a plug-and-play solution through which permit-free systems are connected to a data economy.

Streamr is already used, for example, by Tracey, an app for tracking supply chain data, or Swash, a browser plugin that allows users to earn on their data while surfing the Internet. Potential future use cases include chat apps, video streaming, social media, or real-time collaboration tools.

Streamr (DATA) – what does the future hold?

Although Streamr already works today, it is not yet fully functional and not completely decentralized. Currently, however, the cryptocurrency is being developed specifically in the direction of decentralization. By 2022, the DATA token will be used as a bootstrap for the growth of the Streamr network. Network participants can also stake DATA tokens to earn returns. Since the coin is still in development, reaching future milestones could always act as a price driver.

Currently, the developers are also increasingly working on marketing measures to increase the visibility of the project, for example on social media such as Twitter or Facebook. A new PR campaign has just been launched for this purpose. Streamrs PR Manager Marlene Ronstedt writes about the “Wolfpack“:

“We heard you loud and clear. You want more Marketing. That’s why we’re launching Wolfpack-a marketing data union that pays you for your engagement on Twitter.“

That means: The team behind Streamr is now paying users to promote the project on Twitter. In total, $ 3,000 worth of DATA tokens are issued each month. In connection with the fact that Streamr is still a comparatively unknown project, the DATA price could therefore still have corresponding upside potential.

So what are the Streamr (DATA) price forecasts?

Streamr (DATA) Price Forecasts 2021 – 2025

  • is bullish on DATA price prediction: 27 technical analysis indicators signal bullish signals. The opposite is only a bearish signal.
  • predicts a steady increase in the DATA price: according to this, Streamr (DATA) is at $ 0.12 within the next 12 months. A price of $ 0.80 is then forecast for the DATA 5-year price forecast.
  • don’t expect big jumps in the DATA price: Streamr remains at $ 0.17 in 2021. in 2022, DATA rises minimally to $ 0.19, and even by the end of 2028, only a DATA rate of 0.51 is predicted.
  • Gov. Capital, on the other hand, is more than bullish on Streamr: the 1-year price forecast sees DATA initially rising to 0.30. Then the Streamr bull run begins: the 5-year price forecast sees DATA rise to $ 3.50!
  • predicts a price of $ 0.10 by the end of the year for the Streamr price forecast. In 2022 and 2023, there will therefore be no noteworthy price promotions at DATA. Only at the end of 2024, according to the forecast, DATA will succeed in the best case an increase to 0.17 dollars.

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