The crypto markets are currently heating up strongly, many coins are recording double-digit price increases. But: Which altcoins should you buy? Which cryptocurrencies have potential for 2021? We call cryptocurrencies that are currently rising sharply and could continue to explode.

Perpetual Protocol (PERP)

Number 1 among trending coins: Perpetual Protocol. PERP has seen more than 16% growth in the last 24 hours. The strong daily performance follows an already strong week in which PERP grew by more than 7%. Either way, Perpetual Protocol seems to be heating up right now, because only seven days ago the most recent all-time high was reached. That currently stands at $ 24.84.

Perps 1-day chart shows start – up and rise. Source:

What distinguishes the relatively unknown cryptocurrency PERP? According to the PERP team, PERP is the first virtual AMM (VMM) that enables markets without a maker and still guarantees liquidity on the chain. Experts at PERP expect that there may be further gains in the short term. The highly regarded trader Cantering Clark, for example, has recently been co-opting with PERP:

Qtum (QTUM)

Bullish also the increase in Qtum (QTUM): in early and mid-August, the proof-of-stake smart contract platform already faced two large increases. After that, the coin traded sideways for quite some time – but now the third stage seems to be up. QTUM has risen by more than 15% in the last 24 hours, and by more than 30% per week. The entry could be worthwhile, because currently QTUM is still more than 83% below its all-time high at 16.33 dollars. This was already achieved on January 7, 2018 and stands at $ 99.87.

QTUM: After the reset back on track. Source:

Fantom (FTM)

We have already presented the cryptocurrency Fantom (FTM) in detail here in an analysis including price forecasts. At that time, the Fantom rate was still at $ 0.84. Today, FTM is trading at $ 1.31 after rallying more than 14% over the past 24 hours. More brutal still the weekly performance: Here, FTM recorded an increase in value of 87%. Based on the month, it is even as much as 390%.

However, it is quite possible that the coin will initially experience a small correction before it can continue its upward trend.

Fantom’s Weekly Chart: FTM climbs the hill. Source:

Chainlink (LINK)

Finally awakened from his long slumber is now possibly also Chainlink (LINK). In mid-June, the coin began a continuous decline, dropping it to as low as $ 13.50. But the LINK bulls did not give up and struggled to push the top Oracle token back to its former peak form. This was also successful-with the exception of two small declines. LINK has gained more than 14% in the last 24 hours. The previous all – time high of May 10 is $ 52.88-and LINK is currently about 34% below that. Trader @ VegetaCrypto1 writes to his more than 54,000 Twitter followers: LINK could pump directly to $ 40 from here-without withdrawal.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The Bitcoin fork Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has also been revived. Will the return to the all-time high succeed? This is currently at $ 4,355. 62 and thus still a long way off. However, the BCH bulls are trampling heavily: more than 12% BCH has risen within the last 24 hours, almost 23% in relation to the week. BCH also seems to be making no effort to slow down the ongoing rally. Therefore, analysts at BCH think it is likely that the coin will reach new local highs in the next few days.

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Last updated on September 6, 2021

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