After weeks of sideways trading, crypto markets are apparently slowly warming up again. Many traders and investors are now asking themselves: Which coins are currently well positioned to rise parabolically in the next phase of the bull run? A promising cryptocurrency in this regard could be DeFi Coin (DEFC): a new project from the rapidly growing field of decentralized finance (DeFi). We introduce DeFi Coin and say why DEFC could be the next coin for an x100-that is, a 100-fold increase in value.

DeFi Coin – a new DeFi ecosystem

For DeFi Coin (DEFC), development is currently progressing rapidly: a few days ago, DeFi Coin was listed on its first centralized exchange – the Vietnamese crypto exchange (here for purchase). Apart from that, the DEFC team is apparently working behind the scenes on several milestones for the coin-and these could provide DEFC with continuous price increases in the coming days and weeks.

DEFC-Milestones in development

Currently, DEFC OTC (Over The Counter) costs $ 0.33. With this, DEFC could already more than double its price, because a few days ago the price was still at $ 0.15. An x100 would bring the price per token to 33 dollars (you can buy DEFC here or in direct contact with support. For this, simply contact [email protected] email-the staff will then accompany you through the further course).

The following aspects could make DeFi Coin an x100 Coin:

  • The developers promise an early listing (later this quarter) on the popular crypto data portal, also a listing on to follow soon. Why this is good for the price: A listing on one or more of the big data aggregators is always an indication that the popularity of a coin could soon increase-and thus its price.
  • The coin is not only on available, but also on one of the most popular decentralized exchanges in the world – Pancakeswap (here you can buy DEFC on Pancakeswap). DEFC can thus be purchased by thousands of users. Also on the popular decentralized exchange is available DEFC.
  • And that’s not all: According to the DEFC team, a top 10 Exchange listing is also in the works! This means: In the foreseeable future, DeFi Coin will be listed on one of the ten largest exchanges. This is a good sign for the price and a potential x100, because e.g. a Binance listing tends to have a massive impact on the price in the short term.
  • In addition, it is planned to integrate a decentralized exchange on the DeFi Coins website. The special thing about it: The decentralized exchange for DeFi Coin should also get its own app. Work on the so-called community app is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2021. It should be available for both iOS and Android. The app is another milestone and building block in the DeFi-Coin ecosystem: According to the developers, it will contain, for example, comprehensive reviews of all DeFi-coin projects. The team guarantees: by the end of the year, the verification of all 390 DeFi tokens available for purchase through all crypto exchanges will be completed. Then the focus is entirely on the new mobile app. This should also contain guides on the subject of DeFi and represent the otherwise so complex matter in an understandable way.

DeFi-Coin – the next big DeFi project?

To the background of the coin: DeFi Coin aims to build a new DeFi ecosystem where users can trade digital currencies decentrally-that is, directly with each other, without a middleman. This is the core feature of decentralized finance (DeFi) – and this is exactly where DeFi Coin comes in. DeFi Coin offers its users the following three main functions: static rewards, automatic liquidity pools and a manual burning strategy.

One of the special features of DEFC: In order to increase the DEFC rate in the long term and discourage DEFC holders from selling, all transactions are taxed at 10%. Existing DeFi coin holders will then receive 5% of this fee. This is similar to conventional dividend payments. The other 5% will be used to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

Another important component of DeFi Coin is the continuous burn program, in which DEFC tokens are destroyed and thus removed from the circulating supply. Other word: Burning tokens reduces the total number of tokens available. With positive consequences: If fewer tokens are in circulation, this has the desired effect that the market value of the remaining coins increases. The following applies:: The rarer an asset, the more precious it tends to be. Bitcoin, for example, is so precious because the coin has an upper limit of a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins. There will never be more than this number of Bitcoins. Bitcoin does not have such a combustion mechanism as DEFC, but reduces the number of coins elsewhere: via the so-called halving. Every four years, the amount of coins that miners receive as a block reward is halved. Analysts generally assume that these halvings have an enormous impact on Bitcoin’s value growth.

DeFi Coin also uses automatic liquidity pools. Simply put: If you put your cryptocurrency in so-called liquidity pools, you have the opportunity to receive interest on it. This is similar to the interest that a bank pays out because you keep your capital there.

DeFi Coin Already Plans Big for 2022

Also for 2022, the DeFi-Coin team has already made some things in prospect: Next year, the DeFi-Coin charity project should be completed. The charity project has made it its noble goal to educate about all aspects of blockchain technology and”give children around the world access to finance and the tools they need to help the world develop blockchain technologies.” The DeFi Coin team promises:

“We are working on projects to create a more efficient and prosperous world where people can connect without the need for intermediaries.“

We consider the aforementioned milestones and the announced developments of the DeFi-Coin team to be potentially promising. So promising that an increase by a factor of 100 does not seem impossible.

If the DeFi Coin project actually succeeds in building a new, comprehensive, easy-to-use and informative DeFi ecosystem in which beginners and advanced users alike get their money’s worth, this could give the DEFC course a huge boost. In this respect, now could be a good opportunity to get in. Your interest is aroused, and you want to learn more about the coin? However, as always: DYOR-Do Your Own Research! Here you can download the DeFi Coin Whitepaper, buy the coin directly from the developer or find out more about the innovative DeFi project.

Last updated on July 6, 2021

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