The term ‘metaverse’ has become increasingly popular in recent times, mainly since when social media giant Facebook rebranded it’s name to ‘Meta’ in late 2021.

Through the implementation of metaverses, crypto projects can revolutionize how people interact with one another through the play to earn model.

Play-to-earn is a type of game mechanism that games reward participants with cryptocurrencies. An example is Decentraland, a metaverse play to earn ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain.

These virtual worlds open up pathways for digital asset ownership and in-game monetization, which has the potential to transform many industries.

Cardalonia, a new metaverse project building on Cardano has announced it’s $LONIA token presale which started on 5th July and over 10% of the pre-sale allocation has been filled in less than 24 hours.

This token pre-sale will allow Cardano enthusiasts and early adopters looking to acquire $LONIA tokens before getting listed on exchanges and also give an automatic whitlelist for the upcoming Terrania land sale to users who have purchased and staked their $LONIA tokens.

Cardalonia metaverse project is unique and intriguing majorly because of its innovative features and community centered tokenomics model of the $LONIA token.

Holding $LONIA tokens grants you multiple utilities like Governance, Land Sale whitelist and Staking rewards.

Cardalonia Metaverse ecosystem is the first Cardano metaverse project to have a non-custodial staking platform where $LONIA token holders can stake their tokens.

Cardalonia staking vault has almost 4 Million $LONIA tokens and 176 active wallets staking to enjoy a juicy APY of 20%.

How To Buy $LONIA Token?

The $LONIA token is currently in its presale stage and you can buy $LONIA, the utility token of Cardalonia in the the pre-sale.

Investors can purchase $LONIA token at the fixed price of 1 ADA = 12 $LONIA.

Join The Cardalonia Token Presale here:

Learn more about Cardalonia by visiting the website or join the Telegram Group & Discord Server.